What are WorkSafe Lawyers?

The lawyers at Gosal and Company specialize in providing legal services for WorkSafeBC/WCB cases and appeals.  Our law firm, and our compensation lawyers, have over 29 years of experience assisting injured workers return to work, receive claim compensation and be provided reimbursement for medical expenses.  Our law firm has cumulatively worked on over 4,500 WCB cases and successfully represented injured workers at the Review Division and Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (“WCAT”) in British Columbia.

Our law firm represents injured workers and provides legal services for WCB cases.  Our worksafe compensation lawyers do not act for employers, or practice other areas of law. If you have suffered a workplace accident, report your work injury to WorkSafeBC to start your workers compensation claim as soon as possible.  

Sarj Gosal and our worksafe lawyers represent our clients and assist injured workers return to work, obtain claim compensation, and aid in receiving reimbursement for medical expenses.  Our many years of experience in WCB claim management can assist with Review Division appeals and WCAT appeals, which can lead to lump sum payments and further claim compensation.  Our worksafe lawyers can provide guidance to injured workers on what to do when a workplace accident occurs and while you are undergoing medical treatment for your work injury.

How much does a WorkSafe Lawyer Cost?

Our law firm, Gosal and Company, provides one free consultation appointment.  After the consultation appointment, if you choose to retain our legal services, we require an initial retainer deposit and work on an hourly basis at a modest rate (significantly lower than most law firms with the equivalent years of experience).  If our compensation lawyers agree to represent a client in their WCB case, fees may be discussed after a complete and thorough review of your WorkSafeBC/WCB claim disclosure file.

Based on Sarj Gosal’s 29 years of experience, it is not possible to offer legal services on a contingency basis.  WCB policy does not allow the assignment of WCB claims compensation to a lawyer or other third party. The vast majority of injured workers receive monthly claim compensation, which are simply not amenable to a contingent fee arrangement for our law firm’s legal services.

What are the benefits of Using a WorkSafe Lawyer?

Our law firm and worksafe lawyers will assist injured workers navigate the often harrowing WCB claims process, from the date an workplace injury occurs through the course of medical treatment as well as the complexities of dealing with WCB, the Review Division and Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal within time limits.

In our law firm’s experience, WCB is a body that operates as an insurance company.  After over 29 years of experience of providing legal services for injured workers, the compensation lawyers at Gosal and Company have found that WCB’s goal is to minimize the work injury number, nature, and extent of compensation claims accepted, as well as minimize the medical treatment and the duration and amount of claim compensation entitlement.

Many injured workers retain our legal services when they are exhausted with dealing with their workers’ compensation claim, the WCB claim system, and/or demands made by WCB employees.  Our compensation worksafe lawyers can be retained to represent clients once a workplace accident occurs and WCB claim has been filed.  Unfortunately, many injured workers contact our law firm after their avenues of appeals for their WCB case have been exhausted. It is advised that you promptly seek legal advice from our compensation lawyers as soon as possible after a workplace accident occurs and a WCB claim has been processed so that our law firm can provide you with common law practices and what to expect as your WCB claim progresses.

How do I Fight WorkSafeBC Using WorkSafe Lawyers?

As you cannot sue your employer, your first step to pursuing a workers’ compensation claim is to file a WorkSafeBC/WCB case for your workplace accident as soon as possible.

Once you report your workplace injury and file a WCB claim, the Board makes the initial decision on a worker’s claim and aims to deny or limit compensation entitlement. You should expect communication with various decision makers from the Board at this stage. WorkSafeBC/WCB employees will decide which, if any, medical conditions or injuries that resulted from your workplace accident will be accepted under your WCB claim, and what amount of claim compensation, if any, you could be entitled to.  If you are found entitled to assistance in returning to work, your file may be referred to Vocational Rehabilitation Services and may result in a return-to-work plan.

Our law firm’s compensation lawyers can provide legal assistance to request a review (appeal) of a Board decision to the Review Division.

Once your WCB claim is at the Review Division, our compensation lawyers will have the opportunity to prepare and submit a written submission in support of your appeal.  A Review Officer will be assigned to review the decision which was appealed, the written submission, and relevant WCB claim law and policy.  Following that, the Review Officer may either: confirm the Board’s decision, make changes to the Board’s decision, or vary the Board’s decision.

As the Review Division is a part of WCB, only an internal review is conducted, which results in the denial of many appeals at this stage.  Most appeals will need to proceed to the next level of appeal – Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (“WCAT”).

Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal is the final level of appeal and decisions are made by a one-person Panel or Vice Chair.  The Panel may allow, partially allow, or deny your appeal.  The Panel may also return your file back to the Board for further investigation and a new decision for your WCB Claim.

WCAT appeals are conducted in one of two ways.  Our worksafe lawyers can either provide a written submission or represent clients at oral hearings.  Our law firm’s compensation lawyers strongly advise you not to attempt self-representation without supportive evidence or worksafe lawyers at this final level of appeal.  You will need professional, experienced and capable workplace injury compensation lawyers.

Our workplace injury compensation lawyers can assist injured workers throughout BC remotely.

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